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Diversity IS Beauty- Equity and Equality are not one and the same

The words equality and equity are often confused because they appear to mean the same thing at a glance... As they both have to do with the way people are treated.

Let me break it down for you:

Equality simply means everyone is treated the same exact way, regardless of need or any other individual difference. Equity, on the other hand, means everyone is provided with what they need to succeed.

"Equality is giving everyone the same pair of shoes. Equity is giving everyone a pair of shoes that fits."— Author unknown

As you dive deeper in review of your business, and seeing where it's going,take a moment to ask yourself these Five things:

1) How many diverse men and women sit at your management table?

2) Are you open to having discussions about diversity, inclusion, representation and E.E?

3) Do you have a full understanding of what equity and equality is? And are you willing to provide your team/staff with proper training and resources to move your company in that direction?

4) Are you prepared and trained to provide the services your diverse community is needing?

5) Is your work showing representation?

As you reflect on these questions, keep in mind that "today's excuses will only lead to tomorrow's problems".

So I ask you, what’s it going to be? Stay the same or make the change for a better tomorrow? Why, because DIVERSITY IS BEAUTY and that is the only standard we should have.

Diversity In Beauty Expert & Beauty Business Success Coach- MariaMichelle’Lee

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