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Why is it repeatedly mentioned that eurocentric beauty standards are essentially the global beauty standard?

Did you know that it is said that the majority of beauty and makeup companies have exclusively followed the Euro-centric, non-people-of-color beauty standards?

According to Allure’s 20th Anniversary Beauty Survey, the new American beauty is a hybrid of cultures, sporting more curves, fuller lips, and darker skin. The survey found that “sixty-four percent of all respondents think women of mixed (white with a POC) race represent the epitome of beauty.”

Well my friends it’s time to change the perspective of beauty. This is not the message we want to be sending out to the world today. Not only is this upsetting to many, but it also creates a divide within the BIPOC community as we are still working through the trauma of colorism within our communities.

With so many different backgrounds in the world as we know it, it is impossible to think that there is only one standard, and by stating that if we throw a little brown in the mix in the cake batter, it will make things better…WRONG. This is sending a negative message, and I am not here for it.

With Iconic creators, such as Rhianna, LYS Beauty, Iman, and many more, there has obviously been a huge change in this way of thinking, YES we still have far ways to go, but the receipts are here to be seen. When we travel to beautiful places in South America and the Caribbean, and other beautiful places around the world, you see so many different shades of beauty in all shapes and sizes. Whether we are of mixed race or not, we are BEAUTIFUL, PERIOD…One shade is not better than the other.

Listen, we all have an opportunity to change the standard and we all have the opportunity to create a space to represent better than where this one standard way of beauty started. So let’s put in the work, by diversifying our platforms, collaborating with other communities, and being open to look at beauty with an entirely new perspective. Why, because DIVERSITY IS BEAUTY and that is the only standard we should have.

Diversity In Beauty Expert & Beauty Business Success Coach- MariaMichelle’Lee

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