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About Maria Michelle’Lee


I am a Diversity In Beauty Expert, who educates industry members on how to become diverse and inclusive in the beauty industry.

"Without diversity, there 's no beauty, because diversity is beauty"

~Maria Michelle'lee

The Diversity Expert, The Speaker & The Mentor

THE DIVERSITY EXPERT: “Gone are the days where there is only one standard of beauty, beauty is more than the eurocentric skin tones, straight hair, and light eyes. No, there is more depth to beauty and I am here to help you explore that and embrace the new normal, why…Because Diversity IS Beauty, and that is the standard ''. ~ Maria Michelle’Lee.


THE SPEAKER:  who is not only a passionate advocate for the BIPOC community and speaks proudly of it, I connect with audiences through the power of story, brought through life’s experiences, to help others close the gap from where they are to where they want to be. My “real talk’ approach will have you deep in thought with words that will resonate with your soul.

THE MENTOR: I truly do believe that the beauty industry is evolving, and it’s my job to provide my clients and students with the quality support, service, and expertise they need in becoming an ally in the mission of diversity in beauty both in business and life.

Diversity In Beauty,
How It Will Help Your Brand 

Through multiple speaking engagements, I have realized the need for diversity and inclusion, not only in the beauty space but in everyday life.  Whether consulting with global brands or working with small businesses, through group coaching, the common theme is, " where do we start". My response, by choosing to work with a Diversity in beauty expert, you've already made the most important step, by committing to help change the way we do beauty.



Shannelle & Brandi President and
Vice President of Sunna Inc

It is truly an honour to have Maria as our Diversity In Beauty Expert on our Sunna team. She has shared so much insight along with challenging us to expand on the thought process in becoming more diverse and inclusive within our company. 


Maria has been so valuable to our team and we couldn’t be more proud of her and the work she is doing for the beauty industry.

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