Maria Michelle’lee Diversity Beauty Expert, provides online coaching programs & resources to those in the beauty industry who want to learn how to diversify their salons/ beauty space to represent a more diverse collective, offering a safe place for all to feel welcome.


The Diversity Is Beauty Mastermind community takes your beauty brand to the next level, creating new and diverse clientele


Did you know that in 2019/2020 the BIPOC community has spent 572.6 million on beauty services alone, outspending non-people of colour by 19%, and is estimated to surpass this amount within the next three years. In my coaching programs, I teach you how to expand your brand's reach through marketing strategy methods to increase to a more diverse brand as well as helping you create a solid diversity in beauty inclusion plan.

Enroll in a program and receive the following: 

  • Full access to D.I B resources

  • Diversity In Beauty Coaching

  • How to build a Diversity In Beauty Inclusion Plan

  • Unique and Supportive Community

  • Opportunity to meet and collaborate with other industry members

 Work With Me

With change comes responsibility and yes, this can be an uphill journey, yes it is going to challenge you, and yes, there is a lot to learn, but you’re not alone. I am here to have the conversations you may be too scared to have while also providing you with all the tools and support you need. My goal is to bring you to a place in your business to become more diverse, feeling more confident understanding the needs of your BIPOC clients, while helping you to evaluate your business, creating actionable steps to get you to where you want to be by choosing either of these pathways.

Diversity In Beauty Mastermind Coaching

This Elite program is for Beauty Business owners/ Educators who are ready to level up in training and want to build a more diverse clientele. In this group, we go into full depth discussions such as microaggressions, cultural appropriation, how to build trust, becoming an ally within the community, and setting yourself up for success

Social Media Audit and Strategy Building

I teach you how to create a more diverse social presence, batch work, learning how the power of going live on platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram can increase your engagement by 80% while turning those dm conversations into becoming your clientele this includes 8 weeks of coaching and 2 weeks of follow up and final audit

Consulting Sessions

Whether you need me on site for a day to help train your staff, or a one to one coaching session, or perhaps you would like to work with me directly for three or six months to help with a rebrand to achieve your overall goal of becoming more diverse in your business

Custom Blogs

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to say about diversity in beauty? Not to worry, I can create a custom or a series of blogs for you surrounding this topic, which you can take parts of it to use for your social media posts

Custom Diversity In Beauty Plan

Do you have a plan and or proper protocols in place for your beauty business? A diversity in beauty and inclusion plan is similar to a DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) however custom to your beauty business needs

In Person Spray Tan Training For People Of Colour

This is my signature certification course that has expanded the knowledge of many professional spray tan artists across the US and Canada. If you or your team is certified in spray tanning and want to expand your knowledge in spray tanning clients with darker skin tones, this is the course for you.